Road Safety

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Central Saanich police officer using a speed radar gun to monitor traffic on a suburban road with a police car parked nearby.

The District envisions a healthy, thriving community where people of all ages and abilities to move easily and comfortably around the community. Road safety is a priority of our residents, Council and staff. 

As in most municipalities, traffic is an increasing concern—particularly the impact of some motorists speeding on rural roads and avoiding arterial roads and taking shortcuts. To implement effective solutions that ensure funds are spent cost-effectively, problems are resolved, and no new problems are created in the process, the District is taking a holistic approach that includes: 

  • Engineering 
  • Education 
  • Enforcement 
  • Engagement 
  • Evaluation 

While part of the solution is traffic calming (engineering), any ideas that are applied in a piecemeal manner, without an overall policy or plan (enforcement, evaluation, education and engagement), and without consideration of the implications of traffic calming, can create more problems in the area. 

Some road safety issues brought to the District require long-term capital improvements. Due to factors such as planned underground improvements, upcoming development in the area, funding and resourcing requirements, and/or complexity in design and permitting. 

To evaluate immediate or short-term traffic safety concerns a Traffic Safety Committee, comprised of Police, Bylaw, and Engineering staff, has been in place for many years. The Traffic Safety Committee discusses concerns brought to the municipality and through staff observations at meetings every two months. 

Report a road safety issue to the District of Central Saanich’s Traffic Safety Committee by emailing